Former ESYNOLA Interns… where are they now?

In their words:

“Interning with ESYNOLA solidified my interest in food security in communities of color, and also led me to work for another program that tackles social issues. I would definitely say ESYNOLA gave me a strong professional start.”
– Nia Laing



“During my entire time as intern, I was provided with a safe and stimulating space to learn about gardening, education, and nonprofits. I was provided the time and opportunity to develop skills I’ve always dreamed of having. There is nothing like learning how to grow your own food while witnessing children all around you learn how to do the same. It was grounding, humbling, and inspiring.”
– Olivia Bowers



“Interning with ESYNOLA exposed me to an amazing model school garden/cooking program. The experience motivated me to bring similar programs to schools in my home community. In my current role as a FoodCorps service member, I am constantly looking to ESYNOLA’s program for inspiration.”
– Moriah Brown



“ESYNOLA improved my ability to translate food and nutrition knowledge into active programming for kids. It also increased my confidence in leading educational lessons and working in dynamic environments.”
– Hannah Reisner

ESYNOLA’s Internship Program

Edible Schoolyard New Orleans’ internship program offers people who care about food, nature, and education the opportunity to gain experience in our innovative program in school gardens and teaching kitchens. ESYNOLA interns support edible education for over 3,500 children in New Orleans by preparing the garden and kitchen for learning, assisting in classes, helping at events, and contributing to the behind-the-scenes workings of the organization.

ESYNOLA is dedicated to building a culturally diverse and intergenerational team who teach, work, learn, and grow together. We seek to uproot conscious and unconscious biases by surrounding students with a community of mentors who best represent our region’s diverse population. We encourage People of Color to apply.


Internship Positions

Edible Schoolyard New Orleans is one of the largest edible education organizations in the country and is a signature program of FirstLine Schools, a network of high-performing open-admission public charter schools in New Orleans. Since ESYNOLA provides programming at multiple school sites, we have internship opportunities in several locations in school gardens, garden classes, and kitchen classes. We also offer internships on the network level focusing on nonprofit development and communications.

The Internship positions ESYNOLA currently offers are:

  • School Garden Internship
  • Culinary Education Internship
  • Garden Education Internship
  • Development Internship

ESYNOLA Internship Position Descriptions

Internship Details & Requirements

All ESYNOLA internships are unpaid, seasonal positions. Interns work closely with staff to create a learning experience through goal-setting and regular check-ins. At the end of the internship, interns leave with improved gardening, cooking, and teaching skills, an enriched understanding of garden and culinary education, and professional skills. Successful ESYNOLA interns are prompt and dependable, adaptable to change, ready to perform a variety of tasks, and able to work both independently and with a team.

An internship lasts for a semester, or 12-16 weeks, and interns serve a minimum of 8-10 hours per week. Summer internships last 8-10 weeks. Full-time January internships are possible; please inquire.

Interns working in classes need to be able to adjust to school schedule changes. Interns are responsible for making arrangements to receive credit for the internship if desired. School and position placements are made based on need, according to applicant’s work experience, academic background, interests, availability, access to transportation, and housing. All interns undergo a background check.


Internship Application Process

Applications are accepted at all times. Priority is given to applications that arrive early (the semester in advance), and hiring may occur before the semester of the internship. 

To be considered for an internship, email the following documents to

Applicants will not be considered until all documents have been received. Please name all documents with your last name first (eg: Lastname_Cover_Letter.docx). If all positions fill, applicants will be considered for future openings.

Send all documents and inquiries to: