Edible Schoolyard New Orleans hosts special events for students and families at FirstLine Schools. At our events, people of all ages create joyful memories of growing, cooking, and eating fresh, seasonal food.

Family Food Nights

At Family Food Nights, families cook tasty meals together with food from the garden, and take part in fun, hands-on activities.


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Family Garden Days

Family Garden Days welcome family and friends to the garden for a day of outdoor fun. Families explore the garden, cook and eat food from the garden, enjoy activities like making flower bouquets, and learn about gardening through planting seeds and harvesting.

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Seasonal Food Celebrations

We celebrate seasonal food and local farmers with events like Sweet Potato Fest, Watermelon Day, and Strawberry Day. At these joyful events, students and families can harvest, talk to farmers, and taste fresh, local food prepared many ways.

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Culinary Events

At culinary events like Iron Chef and Market-to-Table, students cook with New Orleans chefs. At Restaurant Green, middle school students cook and serve at a restaurant of their own design that is open to the public.

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