Working with farmers and chefs helps students see links between food and people, and the natural and built environment. There are many ways that this happens. Students visit farms on field trips. Farmers bring seasonal foods like watermelons, citrus, and honey for special events. Students cook with chefs at culinary events like Iron Chef and Market-to-Table. Some chefs and farmers have known children from kindergarten to middle school, and have served as lasting role models for our students.

We want to give special thanks to those who have repeatedly shared their passion, expertise, and time with students over the years:

Farmers & Animal Caretakers, Markets, Farms, Co-operatives, & Garden Centers


LSU AgCenter
Sprout NOLA
Grow Dat Youth Farm
Schmelly’s Dirt Farm
Market Umbrella
Indian Springs Farmers’ Association
L’Hoste Citrus Farm
Subtle Fields Farm
Landry Poche Strawberry Farm
Johndale’s Strawberry Farm
Rainbow in the Dark Flowers
Pelican Greenhouse in City Park
Jefferson Feed & Garden Store
Dillard University’s Ray Charles Program in African American Material Culture
Pamela Broom
Monique Verdin

Chefs & Restaurant Industry Professionals

Morgan Angelle

Tracey Armitage

Chris Audler

Greg Augarten

Briana Bernal

Neal Bodenheimer

Byron Bradley

Victoria Cole

Daryl Coleman

Alex & Maribeth del Castillo

Dan Esses

Kelly Fields

Megan Forman

Mike Friedman

Anthony Garcia

Khalifa Gueye

Mike Gulotta

Mike Hansel

David Hargrove

Max Cohen-Haynes

Chelsea Heller

Dana Honn

Anne Lloyd

Brad McGehee

Charles Murley

Mama Nana Nantambu

Gason Nelson

Chris Okorie

Isaac Pappion

Katie Pedroza

Blaise Pezold

Woody Poche

Todd Pulsinelli

Bryan Roberts

Joaquin Rodas

John Rowland

Callie Rubbins-Breen

Jennifer Sanchez

Leah Sarris

Alicia Scott

Kenneth Scott

Greg & Mary Sonnier

Jess Stokes

Laura Sugerman

Isaac Toups

Michael Valent

Aaron Washington

Jessie Wightkin-Gellini

Bronwen Wyatt