Edible Schoolyard New Orleans thanks our champions. With their generosity, these supporters show that they believe in students’ growth through edible education. Special thanks to the Edible Schoolyard New Orleans Task Force, who planted the seeds of our first school garden, helped us expand to four schools, and whose members continue to support the work.

The Octavia Foundation

The Murphy Foundation

Cathy and Hunter Pierson

Barrett Green

Multiplier Foundation

Emily Bloomin’ Youth Fund

The New Orleans Town Gardeners Inc.


Ruth U. Fertel Foundation

Miggy and Hay Monroe

Uniforms by Logo Express

Francoise Stirling

Holly Pavy and John M. DeBlois Foundation

John W. and Bertie Murphy Deming Foundation

Blue Cross Blue Shield

4th Sector Solutions / Schools Food Solutions

Sibyl Gallery

Dr. Victoria Snider

Three Foundation