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Edible Schoolyard NOLA

Edible Schoolyard NOLA

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Changing the way children and familieseat, learn and live at FirstLine Schools in New Orleans.


Management Team:

Executive Director
Claudia Barker

Program Director
Kerrie Partridge

Development Manager
Alisha Johnson

Operations Manager
Amelia Bird

Garden Team:

Network Garden Manager

Site Gardener, Green and Ashe
Marsha Bard

Site Gardener and Horticultural Therapist, Langston Hughes
Amy Lynn Nau

Garden Education Team:

Lead Garden Educator, Ashe
Rahn Broady

Lead Garden Educator, Langston Hughes
Matt Durham

Lead Garden Educator, Wheatley
Sienna Kuykendall

Lead Garden Educator, Green
Zach O'Donnell

Associate Garden Educator, Ashe
Harry Alper

Associate Garden Educator, Green
Jahmal Hurst

Associate Garden Educator, Langston Hughes
Jane Madden

Associate Garden Educator, Wheatley
Charlotte Steele

Associate Garden Educator, LHA
Mallory Naquin

Louisiana Delta Service Corps Garden Program Coordinator, Ashe
Finn Pheonix 

Louisiana Delta Service Corps Garden Program Coordinator, Green
Sean Glenn 


Kitchen Education Team: 

Lead Chef Educator, Ashe
Emily Hager

Lead Chef Educator, Green
Stefin Pasternak

Garden and Culinary Educator, Clark Prep
Callie Rubbins-Breen

Chef Educator, Green
Gina Melita

Associate Chef Educator, Ashe
Megan Brummer

Louisiana Delta Service Corps Kitchen Program Coordinator, Green
Chrissie Alving-Trinh

Louisiana Delta Service Corps Kitchen Program Coordinator, Ashe
Alana Neuman