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Edible Schoolyard NOLA

Edible Schoolyard NOLA

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Changing the way children and familieseat, learn and live at FirstLine Schools in New Orleans.


Edible Schoolyard New Orleans’ internship program offers people passionate about food education the opportunity to gain experience with our innovative, hands-on educational programming in school gardens and teaching kitchens. The program is designed to expose interns to ESYNOLA’s “edible” classes for K-8, special events for the greater community, organic gardening practices, and comprehensive approach to wellness.

ESYNOLA interns support edible education for over 3,000 children in New Orleans by performing necessary preparatory duties in the garden and kitchen, assisting in classes, helping with events, and contributing to the behind-the-scenes workings of the organization. Interns will work closely with ESYNOLA staff to set goals and create a positive and educational experience. Successful ESYNOLA interns are prompt and dependable, amenable to a variety of tasks, and able to work both independently and with a team.

Internship positions
ESYNOLA is one of the largest edible education organizations in the country and is a signature program of FirstLine Schools, a network of high-performing open-admission charter schools in New Orleans. Since ESYNOLA provides seed-to-table programming at multiple school sites, we have internship opportunities in several locations in school gardens, garden classes, and kitchen classes. We also offer internships on the network level, with positions in communications, development, and event management, and network garden internships, which operate at multiple sites.

All ESYNOLA internships are unpaid, seasonal positions. The compensation comes from the opportunity to work alongside professionals in our innovative, garden-based education program. The position is designed for maximum professional growth through trainings and direct responsibilities. At the end of the internship term, the intern is expected to leave with improved gardening, cooking, and education skills and an enriched understanding of food education.

Internships require a 12-16 week commitment during the academic semester, and interns should expect to commit a minimum of 8-10 hours per week. Winter internships are full time for the month of January. Summer internships last 8-10 weeks.

It is preferable for interns working in classes to have the flexibility to adjust to changes in the academic schedule. The intern is responsible for making appropriate arrangements with their school and internship coordinator to receive credit for his or her internship. 

The Internship positions ESYNOLA currently offers are:

  • School Garden Internship
  • Culinary Education Internship
  • Garden Education Internship
  • Development Internship

Internship Position Descriptions

Placements will be determined based primarily on need, but also according to applicants’ work experience, academic background, interests, availability, access to transportation, and alignment with Edible Schoolyard New Orleans’ mission. All interns will be fingerprinted and background-checked.

Internship Application Process
Applications are accepted at all times. Priority is given to applications that arrive early, and hiring may occur in advance of the deadline. However, here are some suggested application deadlines: 

Fall 2018: Friday, August 24
Winter 2019: Friday, November 2
Spring 2019: Friday, November 30

The following items must be submitted electronically for applicants to be considered:

Applicants will not be considered until all documents have been received. Please name all documents with your last name first (eg: Smith_Cover_Letter.docx). If all positions fill, applicants may be considered for future openings.

Edible Schoolyard New Orleans is dedicated to the goal of building a culturally diverse, intergenerational, and pluralistic team committed to teaching, working, and growing together in a multicultural environment. Minorities are encouraged to apply.

Documents and inquiries should be sent to: